Priestess of the Sun

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Priestess of the Sun is a fabulous fantasy outfit, so go on and let your favorite V4, A4, or G4 characters worship the Sun. This a very versatile package with many pieces that include:

Sun Priestess Armbands, Left and Right (.obj and .cr2)
Sun Priestess Breast Cups, Left and Right (.obj and .cr2)
Sun Priestess Bracelets, Left and Right (.obj and .cr2)
Sun Priestess Forearms, Left and Right (.obj and .cr2)
Sun Priestess Headpiece (.obj and .cr2)
Sun Priestess HeadScarf (.obj and .cr2)
Sun Priestess Necklace (.obj and .cr2)
Sun Priestess Pauldrons (.obj and .cr2)
Sun Priestess Skirt (.obj and .cr2)
Sun Priestess Top (.obj and .cr2)
Sun Priestess ShinStraps, Left and Right (.obj and .cr2)
Sun Priestess Earrings, Left and Right, 2 (.pz2 and .cr2)
Sun Priestess Pendant (.pz2 and .cr2)

There are two texture sets included for the outfit, Red Linen with Gold accents and Beige Linen with Rose Gold accents and brown leather.

The skirt includes body handles, adjustment morphs and also some movement morphs that when used with the body handles, will create lovely, flowing poses in the skirt when you need a dynamic look.

Also included are mat poses to hide the skirt and also the cloth in the top, and mat poses to hide the skirt handles. The skirt handles will not render, but are visible in preview mode only.

The pendants located in the prop library were created to use with the headscarf and parent to the headscarf.

The earrings included twist, front-to-back, and side-to-side movement morphs included.


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