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The PreTeen starter pack has everything you need to turn Victoria4 into a girl of 10-12 years of age. Included in this pack are: Body Morph INJ/REM Four Face INJ/REM. They will give you four different characters to choose from. Four Skin Textures (Including eyes). Second Skin underwear, Freckled Skin, Dark and Caucasian. Four complete starter outfits (as seen in the Promos). They have four materials each, making for a total of…um, sixteen materials? Two pair of shoes. Sneakers and Saddleshoes. They each have ten materials. Conforming Glasses with six materials. I have not included that many morphs in the clothing. Putting in morphs like Voluptuous and Pregnant just felt wrong.

All clothing have the following morphs: BreastsSize+1. Bulk, GlutesSize, HipsSize and adjustment morphs. Important! The clothing will ONLY fit the PreTeen, not Victoria 4. I’m re-using clothing and pieces of clothing from some of my other products. But everything has been re-sized, morphed and re-rigged to fit the PreTeen. Install Instructions: Load in Victoria 4.1 (with morphs++ installed) into your scene. Use the body injection to change her into the preteen. Choose one of the four face injections-or use your favorite face morph, that will work as well!Load clothes and shoes as usual. Usage tips/limitations: Alas, this is Victoria 4 not the new Genesis mesh. Scaling V4 like this messes up the joints.

The clothes included will work but you will have a hard time fitting anything else to her. The joints were very difficult to nail down, let me tell you. The shoes were.. you don’t want to know about the shoes. Fitting hair was not so difficult. Don’t conform anything, just load it in and move the hair until it fits the preteen. Scaling it up to around 105% usually works. Then just parent the hair to the head. I have more content planned. Girl scouts, Sunday best clothes,Princesses. Stay tuned!



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    Ban Jhankri

    November 30, 2012

    @ dazzle999:
    thanks for the info but i was refering to Oskarsson’s preteen for v4.

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    Ban Jhankri

    November 30, 2012

    ooops, forgot to thank you for this post 😀

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    December 12, 2012

    Thanks from this! i just wish my old Darlana, Lilo or RaynaRaven could be loaded in this. at last the faces 😛

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