Pour le Bain

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There’s nothing like a relaxing bath,unless you end up being attacked by tub sharks.This set includes everything needed for one that is not intruded upon– soaps, bath oil, a loofah and callous remover, even a scented candle. Won’t that be nice.

We sure hope those tub sharks don’t show up and try to ruin everything like they did during Uncle Bertle’s 50th Wedding Anniversary. We thought Aunt Elaine would never stop crying. She wept so hard her wig fell in to the punch bowl… It didn’t help that she was a bit tipsy… but after the camel incident the week before, who could blame her? Cousin Larry. That is who could blame her. At least he tried to. Luckily the Judge didn’t buy it.
Enjoy this great bath set!


Razor Rider: Vent Room
Swimming Pool (Daz)


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