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Poser Pro Game Dev delivers powerful 3D character creator and animation tools, plus real-time ready character content to game and interactive content developers. For 20 years Poser has been the preferred 3D animation software and character creator for professional artists and animators. New Poser Pro Game Dev includes a set of game asset creation tools including Figure Combining, Polygon Reduction, Unseen Polygon Removal, FBX import/export and Kinect for Windows? support, all designed to produce size-efficient 3D character assets and scene files for gaming and Unity?.

Create and customize Game-Ready 3D Characters!
Reduce Polygons for efficient Real-Time content!
5GB Royalty Free content included!
Capture motion with your KINECT for Windows device!
Render gorgeous Cut Scene Animations!
Works with Unity, Unreal and other FBX-ready authoring products!
Want to see Poser Pro Game Dev in action? Check out this free Robot shooter game we’ve created in Unity, using animated Poser Pro Game Dev characters! Be sure to download all the FREE assets used to create this game, explore the animation in Poser and open up the project in Unity.

Poser Pro Game Dev Features

Poser Pro Game Dev includes all Poser Pro 2014 features in addition to these exclusive Game Dev ONLY features.

Smart Polygon Reduction

Reduce polygon counts in figures, individual body parts and props for interactive performance. Poser?s smart polygon reduction preserves material groups, shapes, morphs and rigging.

StuffIt Destinations Tool Bar
Smart Polygon Reduction

Figure Combining

Add clothing to your human figures and combine those complex figures into a new FBX ready 3D single character with a texture atlas for import into your game authoring tool.

Unseen Polygon Removal

Paired with Figure Combining, Unseen Polygon Removal will delete hidden polygons hidden under clothing. Select and group polygons which can then be removed to produce even lower polygon count single figures.

Unseen Polygon Removal
Unseen Polygon Removal | Figure Combining

5GB of Royalty Free Content

The library includes 87 royalty free, rigged and textured 3D characters with hundreds of facial animation and body sculpting morphs. Choose from people, skeletons and robots, to animals, insects, dinosaurs and fantasy creatures with hundreds of 3D clothing items, hair styles, pre-built poses, props, furniture and vehicles.

Free included content here

StuffIt Cloud Services
Includes 5GB of Royalty Free 3D scene assets to make games like Botbattle.

Kinect for Windows?

Use your Kinect for Windows device to drive Poser biped figures, and capture animated motion right in your Poser scene. Save your motion capture sequences as animated poses in the library, or directly export them from Poser to bring into your game.

Kinect for Windows
Kinect for Windows?

FBX? Import / Export

Poser Pro Game Dev provides robust import or export of FBX data, including fully rigged and animated 3D Poser characters with texture atlas. Export FBX from your animated Poser scene for import into Unity or other applications that support FBX. Import a variety of FBX content to edit and animate in Poser Pro Game Dev, including animated 3D figures from Mixamo Fuse.

FBX Import / Export
FBX? Import / Export

All built on the foundation of Poser Pro 2014

Poser Pro Game Dev is based on our popular Poser Pro 2014, with added features to support the 3D character needs of interactive and game content developers. Poser is the fastest way to add 3D figures into any project, animation or illustration. With an intuitive interface, Poser makes it easy to pose, animate and render.

Get all these powerful 3D Character Animation features with Poser:

Walk Designer for automated biped walk and run cycles

Talk Designer to produce animated talking characters with nuances such as blinks and head nods

Face Room photo-matching to transform Poser figures with imported photographs of real people

Bullet Physics for dynamic rigid object and soft body dynamics to recreate bounce and jiggle

Dynamic Hair and Cloth for stylized strand based hair and dynamic flowing cloth

Content eco-system: A network of third party content developers has grown alongside Poser, including our own Content Paradise, providing Poser assets that cross every genre imaginable.


This is Crack only,you will need SR5.1 and its only for 64bit have installed,if you need help with installation please let me know,I’m very happy to help

Required: Link to post:
Poser Pro 2014 http://3d-stuff.ru/poser-pro-2014/
Poser Pro 2014 SR5.1 http://3d-stuff.ru/poser-pro-2014-service-release-5-1-win/
Poser Pro 2014 SR5 http://3d-stuff.ru/poser-pro-2014-game-dev-service-release-5-required/


Zbrush 4R7
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  1. desertrat

    February 17, 2015

    Thanks Damien, works like a charm :o)

    • Damien

      February 21, 2015

      Hi there

      Sometimes you will get error(I think after 4-6 weeks): The grace period for activating this product expired!This application will now revert to unregistered status until it is activated.Insert you serial number when prompted to activate the application

      Just don’t worry,close with clicking on OK and restart application and everything should work as usual

      Hope this helps


      • desertrat

        February 21, 2015

        Thanks, haven’t had that happen yet, but glad to know there’s an easy fix if it does :o)

        • desertrat

          April 24, 2015

          I just had it happen, and you are 100% correct, just clicked on OK, restarted the program and all is well. Again, thanks for the head’s up :o)

  2. oGRE

    April 17, 2015

    is it possible to use another upload/download service?
    i gave my points but qtyfiles doesn’t allow me to download

    • Damien

      April 18, 2015

      Hi there

      Sadly no,3d-stuff using Qtyfiles and you need to have premium account which will allow you to download the files
      Please speak with Bogus or Agata over here


      • oGRE

        April 21, 2015

        so i paid and i can’t get the files… this blasted crack is a hell to find!
        next time, please specify the damned type of account needed to download!

        • bogus

          April 22, 2015

          Your problem is that you do not share anything with the community.

  3. Damien

    April 22, 2015

    Hi guys

    Please don’t update to Service Release 5.2(SR5.2),this crack only works with SR5.1,crack for SR5.2 will be uploaded when will be available guys


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