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Simple is sometimes exactly what you need when it comes to making promos to display your product. That is what this pack is designed for!! You will find simple poses for frontal shots, side shots, a quarter turn and even back side shots.
These are perfect for displaying characters morphs, tattoos, shape, and skin. With a little camera zoom, nail art can be displayed attractively and up close. Hair models or textures, clothing and clothing textures, shoes and shoe textures….endless displaying possibilities!! Zoom in on the details you want, or zoom out for a glorious full view of your creation!!!

Sit back, grab a pose, and create something beautiful!!!

You will get:
*1 Full Victoria 4 Zero Pose
*30 poses for Victoria 4 in flat foot position
*30 poses for Victoria 4 in flat foot mirrors
*30 poses for Victoria 4 in high heel position
*30 poses for Victoria 4 in high heel mirrors


**Some body morphs and clothing may cause need for adjustment ESPECIALLY WHEN USING “chubby” MORPHS

**Eye placement is approximate, based on the Base Camera preset, adjustment may be needed for lighting and morphs


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  1. datie1234

    October 18, 2013

    i saw this…they are really nice poses…thank you kindly

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