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Pose Magic Pro takes the PoseMagic concept to the next level for all of Daz3d’s Generation 4 figures (V4, M4, The Kids, Hiro 4, Aiko 4, The Girl 4, The Freaks 4, etc.) Easily locate Pose Magic with non-rendering Prop next to character’s head. Select one of several “starter poses” like Stand, Crouch, Lay, Sit and crawl. Effortlessly move through the Pose Magic Pro Structure to create a perfect, precise pose. Everything in place? Continue on down the list to the expression group, where you will find every Generation 4 expression at your fingertips (So long as the morphs have been injected.) Use built-in mags controlled by Pose Magic Pro to further position (or correct) eyes, teeth and tongue. With Victoria 4, use built-in breast magnets to add a touch of gravity. Not looking natural? Tweak the muscle pack controls to flesh-out flexed joints. Each Pose Magic Pro Parameter has been reworked from scratch to ensure the most organic results. Additional new controls for Arms Crossed, Hands Point, Fingers bent only at the 1st knuckle, fingers straight. Use Pose Magic Pro to easily animate your characters with natural fluidity. Instructions in the readMe file include step-by-step guide to adding your own custom controls to your Pose Magic Pro palette. Finally, a python script is included to turn your Pose Magic Pro poses into regular poses to share or market in the community. (PLEASE NOTE: This Python script has been tested and seems to work *most of the time*. Small tweaks may need to be made on the end result. The script is not supported, and is included as a convienience to you, not as a purchased feature.)


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