Pose Me FantasyTastic: The K4 Edition

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Once upon a time……..we all wanted to be a fairy princess and wander through the forest casting our fairy magic. With this adorable pose pack for the Kids 4, you can make your imagination come to life in your renders…and not only will you get 20 K4 Fairy pose (along with mirrors), you will also get a fairy wand and a toy wooden sword with 5 (with mirrors) sword play poses for your little pirate or warrior!!
Also, it very easy to use shaders on the multiple material zones for the wand and sword to get just the look you need!! Some wands in these promos are showing Sveva’s Shades Of The Earth shaders!!

In this Pack:

*1 K4 Full Zero Pose
*1 K4 Zero Eye Pose
*20 Fairy Princess Poses for The Kids 4
*20 Fairy Princess Pose Mirrors
*5 Sword Play Poses for The Kids 4
*5 Sword Play Pose Mirrors

*1 Fairy Wand Stand Alone Prop
*1 Fairy Wand Parented to The Kids 4 Right Hand
*1 Fairy Wand Parented to The Kids 4 Left Hand
*1 Toy Sword Stand Alone Prop
*1 Toy Sword Parented to The Kids 4 Right Hand
*1 Toy Sword Parented to The Kids 4 Left Hand

*3 Textures for the Fairy Wand
*2 Textures for the Toy Sword

Poses will work with the smart prop objects, but slight adjustments might be needed


**NOT TESTED IN Daz Studio!!!!

**Some body morphs and clothing may cause need for adjustment ESPECIALLY WHEN USING “chibi” MORPHS

**Eye placement is approximate, based on the Base Camera preset, adjustment may be needed for lighting and morphs



RM LilBit

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