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Here comes a nice pool and sauna area. Something a hard working V4 or M4 really needs to get

a break.

This Set is build in a versatile way. All rooms are boned figures. Simply load the room and place your characters. You can easily disable any wall or item in a room by using the visibility flag. No need for reassembling the room just because you want to make a different shot.

This set comes with a lot of stuff to it: Props, Lights, Cams, Poses, etc. Simply everything you need to just go ahead and get started!

Content of this set:

– Main Pool Room, boned figure with attached items
– Main Sauna Room, boned figure with attached items
– Wooden bank, boned figure can raise and lower
– Sauna Banks, boned item, all banks can be hidden separatly

– 19 Poses for V4 and M4 (7 for M4, 12 for V4)
– 2 Handposes for Smartprps

– Hemisphere
– Window Blinds (with Morphs to open and close)
– GlasRack with Towels
– GlasRack without Towels
– GlasRack with wodden bowls
– Glastable with Stuff on it
– Empty Glastable
– Lighthelper
– Towels for Saunabanks (3 Towels separatly)
– Smartpropped Towels for wodden banks
– Smartprops:
M4: Cocktail Drink
V4: Cocktail Drink

– Daylight (Parented to Light Helper)
– Ambience Low
– Ambience High
– Ceiling Spots Bright
– Ceiling Spots Lower
– Pool Lights Up
– Sauna Side Lights
– Sauna Spots

– Ten Dolly Cams

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