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For Vue d’ Esprit One of the limitations of Vue, Terragen and Bryce is that water is presented as a plane with a water material applied to it. To make a pond in Vue, you typically create a water plane, and then create a terrain object with a depression shaped to allow the water plane to show through. This works very well, but does not allow you to truely model all those water features of a landscape that have height and depth. Its difficult to create waterfalls, bubbling springs, cascading ponds and streams. Its difficult to place 3D models of fish or other objects in the water plane and have the result look realistic. This package contains a set of sculpted water objects that allow you to model cascading pools of water, a bubbling spring, a simple stream and rain drops on various surfaces. These objects help you to create pictures and scenes that require close-up or detailed views of water features. This package contains: 1) Four pools, (three cascading pools and a deeper pool [“lower pond”] with no water cascade), 2) a simple stream segment, 3) a bubbling spring, 4) a set of hollow air bubbles of the kind that you might find bubbling to the surface immediately under or just in front of the water cascade. These are grouped, so you can reposition them to suit your needs. 5) a special ripple patch (“Fixed object ripple”) that can be used to create a slight ripple under a water cascade, or can be used in a stacked set to create frothy water under the cascade, 6) additional foamy water patches to use in stream settings (“foam line patch 1,” and “Foam Patch 1,”) 7) a set of “entrained air”objects that can be placed within a cascade so that the water will appear to stream down into the lower pool, 8) a ripple patch that can be placed around an object to indicate water flowing past, 9) a set of rain drop ripples (“Rain Drop Sheet”) arranged in a flat sheet that can be used to portray rain striking a flat surface, 10) a small set of high resolution rain drop ripples (“2_ring ripple,” “3_ring_ripple_a,” “3_ring_ripple_c,” “Single ripple 2,” “Single ripple 3”) 10) Three special Vue material files: one for the hollow air bubbles, one for the ripple patch and one for the entrained air. The special materials allow spherical objects (the hollow air bubbles), curved plane objects (the ripple patch) and straight multi-faceted objects (the entrained air object) to refract light accurately as it does when air is mixed with water. 11) A small set of instructional files that show how to position, scale and stretch the air bubbles, ripple plane and entrained water objects with the cascade and lower pool. In short, this package contains a full set of detailed water objects that can be used to create a wide variety of water features in landscape scenes. These pieces also are readily available in .3ds, .OBJ or .LWO formats. A special professional quality water .mat file is available for MAX.


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