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For your fantasy goddess, hero, warrior or tribal! Piper Cut Hair brings the right look to your figures’ heads.
Piper Cut Hair is a short and wild hairstyle with bandanna for your heroic women, coming with 25 built-in morphs to style and adjust the hair. Included are 10 different hi-res and photorealistic textures for the hair with detailed transmaps as well as 10 different texture styles for the hairbandanna.
The hair comes with Fitmorphs for V3, A3, A3Realistic, A4 and A4Realistic.l
Matposes are included for Poser 5 (FireFly) and up with advanced shader settings for more realism as well as matposes without any shaders that can be used with earlier versions and the P4 Render Engine.
Have a look at the promos for more information and renders!



La Fiebre for Huntress


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    April 19, 2013

    lovely hair…thank you Pigat

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