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Looking for the perfect minions to carry out your most devious plans? First debuting in Azraella, the speed demon is a live entity that flies around at an alarming rate that causes trails to emanate from its being. It is a minion that does her bidding.But this demon has been upgraded, so its better than ever. Now, it is a figure (instead of a prop) that will make ghostly or fiery skulls that fly around and wreak havoc, terrifying all whom they come across. With tons of digital animation special trailing morphs (and new effects that are different than the ones in Azraella) as well as fire textures (which include many different colors now as well), you can quickly and easily make spooky skulls that swirl about your scenes in the freakiest manner. They also glow in the dark in DAZ Studio and Poser, and will actually emit light in Poser 9 (with IDL enabled)But maybe you want just a normal skull to litter about your scenes … well, you can do that too! The set comes with a plain skull material and a myriad of morphs to change the expression and style. The plain skull textures also have baked ambient occlusion for natural depth and shadowing. Additionally, the jaw on the figure hinges and you can hide the fangs and teeth, or the entire jaw.Also included as a bonus, is a special drippy candle that rests upon the skull, for your alchemist apothecary’s or an evil queen’s wicked den. The candle has subsurface scattering, and the flame emits light. Easily change the color of the candle as well, as it has its own MATs.Take your creepiest scenes one step further!

This product includes:

1 Poser Core Installer


Open Minded
Country Dining Room


  1. tigger_fan2

    October 26, 2013

    Blazer, you are absolutely wonderful! Thank you!

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