Phantoms II

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UPDATED:  2017-03-31 – Update to weight mapping of the Flames Conforming Figure.

Looking for the perfect minions to carry out your most devious plans?

First debuting in Azraella, the speed demon is a live entity that flies around at an alarming rate that causes trails to emanate from its being. With its popularity, Phantoms was born and unleashed onto the world.

But this demon has been upgraded yet once again, so it’s better than ever. Includes a wicked skull figure, with a posable jaw and conforming posable flames that will make fiery skulls that fly around and wreak havoc, terrifying all whom they come across. This upgrade also features 3 different types of fiery trail effects: Dark Fire, Mystic Fire and Tribal Fire, each of which has 7 different colors. Each set also comes with different matching skulls for each and every color. All of which burn with a ghostly glow. It even includes 51 poses for the flames, for quick results.

The materials for Iray are emissive, and includes bloom render settings, so you can make them really glow! The 3Delight materials also glow, but in a different way. Using SSS Ambient Contribution, they will emit light onto the surrounding skull mesh.

But maybe you want just a normal skull to litter about your scenes … well, you can do that too! The set comes with a Bone skull material with or without tribal markings and a myriad of morphs to change the expression and appearance. You can also hide certain teeth and its entire jaw, for optimal variation.

Take your creepiest scenes one step further.

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer



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