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Perseus Hair is a very curly and cute short hairstyle, with a playful and distinctive look! It comes with four versions: a) a hair prop that fits Victoria 4 by default, but can be adjusted to fit other figures as well, b) a high resolution hair prop version for close-up renders, c) a Genesis compatible DSF hair file that includes custom auto-following morphs for Victoria 5 and Michael 5 and d) a high resolution DSF version with the SubDivision option enabled for close-up renders and better adjustment to Genesis shapes.

Perseus Hair includes seven ready style poses for the curls, seven for the diadema (including a hide option) and six extra funny shapes. It also includes ten lovely colors of realistic textures for the hair and 10 textures for the diadem. You are going to love using this stylish and special hairstyle on your unique characters!


Fantasy Dreams Hair
SFH - Gems


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