Payne and Punisher

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Payne and Punisher are the guys mama warned you about as a child. They both come with eye color options, a bearded option as well as a hairless option for their faces. Also include are bloody and bruised mats for their faces, limbs and torso. Beware…..Payne and Punisher are not the boys next door.

* You must have M4 AND M4 morphs++ properly installed in order to get the desired results for Payne and Punisher *

Both Payne and Punisher Include
1 face inj/rem each
1 body inj/rem each
1 torso texture each
1 torso texture bump each
1 face texture each
1 face texture bump each
1 limbs texture each
1 limbs texture bump each
1 tear texture each
6 eye color options each
1 beard option each
bloody and bruised texture options each
Both include DAZ optimized Mat files
Both include Poser optimized Mat files..


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