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Pavla’s textures were designed with high-quality photo references and have been optimized for both Poser (Poser 5 or higher standard shaders and SSS shaders for P9 and higher) and DAZ Studio (DS3 or higher ), which is guaranteed to give you beautiful renders no matter what platform you use!

I made this character after searches in the Internet. I tried to stay in textures, eye colours and Makeups as near as possible to the original. Her body morph is also inspired by the original.This is a very detailed and realistic character pack for V4 or higher and she comes with 9 Eye-and LipMakeups, and 8 eye-colours.

In this pack is everything in four versions, one with shader and displacement maps for fantastic realistic skin for use in Poser 5 and higher, one D/S compatible, one version with SSS mats for user from Poser9, 2012 or up and now also a version for Poser11, firefly.

This character will also work on SP4, A4 and the girl4, but you have the dial next to the name of the character you use to set from 1.000 to 0.000. Your character will look like on V4 only the heights are different, like normally this characters have different heights.


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