Patterned Acrylics Layer Styles

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Patterned Acrylics Layer Styles
for Photoshop 7 & Above
Copyright ?2013 Roberta Dugan
Created by: fractalartist01/Roberta B. Dugan

–Most likely, you have never before seen a layer style like this one! The majority of them (21) have a transparent background-and then are filled with both silver and gold seamless overlays. They will pick-up on the background color you layer them on top of-unless you want to insert your own layer of color, pattern, etc. underneath-on the bottom, after creating your styled image. There are three that have full coverage patterns inserted inside-one with seed pearls, one with diamond clusters and one with gold and diamond clusters. Hopefully, my description didn’t scare you to death because these styles (for Photoshop 7 & Above) can give you varied and beautiful results depending on how you use them!

–And while they look perfectly beautiful all by themselves-you will want to definitely try layering them in many different ways! Outline them with colors, gold, or silver! Put a layer of color, glitter or gems underneath! You can even layer some of the layer style patterns over each other (see thumbnail Heart for MORE Examples) and most will line-up nicely since all of the seamless textures were created at the same size.

–As always: Seamless patterns designed at 200-300dpi make these styles suitable for either web or print designs.

–PLEASE read the quick mini-tut on how to rescale the patterns inside the layer styles-which is included inside the Readme file. I can’t say this enough! Most of my product example pages have the patterns inside the styles scaled down quite a bit, to the lower end of the scale. So don’t be afraid to experiment with your inside patterns and move them up or down with your designs accordingly. Remove or add a shadow to your taste. In my opinion, THAT feature is what makes layer styles so versatile and fun to work with- since they can be adapted to almost any size/type of design.

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