Pattern Magic I – Two-Toned Fabrics

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If there was one thing Victoria loved about being stationed abroad, it was the incredible variety of fabrics, constantly tempting her to recreate her wardrobe.

Refurbish your runtime with this easy-to-use fabric shader and preset collection! Combine two richly colored fabric images with a pattern mask for thousands of different looks. Customize any clothing with just a few clicks! Mix pieces from different clothing sets and match fabric styles. Compatible with the Layered Image Editor and hybrid L.I.E. shaders. Perfect for Daz Dynamics!

DS 3 Fabric Shaders:
10 Fabric Colors, 20 Presets
10 Pattern Masks, with Presets
“Damask” Option Presets
Rotation Presets
Advanced Surfaces Tab Provides Complete Customization
Textures Include:
15 Texture Tiles (500×392)
5 Texture Tiles (512×512)
1 Texture Tile (600×600)
1 Texture Tile (1000×1000)
1 Texture Tile (2142×1680)


Muelsfell Display Plinth
ShoXoloR for Fawn Hair

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