Pat Neal by Vampiros Hermosos

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Special Report from Agent87 (ret.), Hong Kong, June 8, 1959: Made contact with Subject Pat Neal at Dragon Flower Club. Subject is former Peking Opera performer, hostess at club, a well-known party girl and suspected agent of Peoples Republic of China (PRC). Subject served me drinks and took me upstairs. She must have slipped me a Mickey, because the next thing I knew, she had taken the incriminating photographs that led to my immediate reassignment to Washington and the steno pool. She was so pretty. Wish I could remember what happened.
Introducing Pat Neal, the sexy new creature of the night from Vampiros Hermosos. This long-stemmed firecracker hails from a 1950s world of spies and vampires. Both red and undead, she takes her orders from her Commie bosses in Peking, but her hunger for blood is out of this world!
Custom shaped by Tony Puryear and Damsel1, creators of the best-selling Vampire Frida, Pat Neals custom skins come in two exotic flavors, plus Peking Opera makeup and vampire teeth morphs!
Let Pat Neal put the bite on you today!

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M4/V4 Elite Ethnic Faces Bundle


Rubble 2: Modern Ruins
Asradaz for M4 & H4


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