Pandorian’s Wrestling Ring – Gen. 2

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The most realistic and versatile 3D wrestling ring for Poser and Daz on the
market has just been made even better! Pandorian has lifted the bar even higher, setting new standards for your wrestling playground. The NEW “Pandorian’s Wrestling Ring – Gen. 2″picks up where the “4-Sided Morphing Wrestling Ring” left off! In addition to it’s current 54 morphs, this 2nd generation wrestling ring contains the following updates:

1. The ring itself was recreated as a Poser “figure” this time (as opposed to a “prop”), giving it superior texturing applications over its predecessor. MAT-Pose files in the Pose Library will replace the need of going to the “Materials Room” to apply textures as its no longer dependent upon the “Material Collections” option for its texture applications (a feature not found on Poser Pro or 5). No need for different zip file versions to match Poser versions.

2. The ring apron now has three morph dials to allow it to partially collapse! Perfect for use with my Enclosed Cage (with collapsing ceiling) as well as with my regular cage found in the Accessory Pack, or for simply doing aerial maneuvers from the top turnbuckle! The apron can also be morphed to simulate vertical movement on it as the wrestlers jump up and down on it.

3. The morphs for the ring ropes have been refined so the bend on the ropes looks much tighter than before, giving it a more realistic, natural looking flow. In addition, the ring ropes have been completely redesigned. Instead of it being dependent on a texture file to give it its “intertwined rope” appearance, the ropes are actually “modeled” with 3 separate rope strands
intertwined upon itself, giving it the most realistic look possible, particularly on close-ups!

4. Adding to the ultra-realism of the rope strands, the turnbuckles
have also been totally re-designed for optimum detail! Not only can you see the creases on the turnbuckles material cover, but you can also see it fold and wrap around the rope strand! But it doesn’t end there, a totally new morph has been added to this ring! The top turnbuckle pads can now be “torn-off” to reveal the metal turnbuckle clamp which holds the rope strand in place! And STILL, it doesn’t end there! Once the turnbuckle pads are torn off, you can actually see the rope strand going through the loop of the metal turnbuckle clamp as well as the different texture of the
exposed inner pad stuffing! There are four different “torn turnbuckle pad” styles available for exposing the metal turnbuckle clamp (one for each corner). You can now discard any worries you may have had about rendering “close-ups”. Zoom that camera in as much as you want without any fear. The ropes, turnbuckle pads and metal turnbuckle clamps will still offer you a high resolution, high quality, realistic look!

5. All the skirts have been re-fitted/re-modeled to give it an even
more realistic look! The morphs lifting the skirts have been painstakingly modified to provide a more natural looking feel and contour to the creases, folds and wrinkles of the skirts appearance.

6. The “post hook/rope assembly” units have been re-vamped, giving
it a much more realistic look and feel.

7. The “sleeves” that house the post hook/rope assembly have been
redesigned/re-modeled, adding natural-looking folds and creases to
them. They also have been detailed to the point that you can actually see the material collapsing inward as the “post hooks” and “rope hooks” enter them.

8. The entire ring has been modified for higher resolution output. What exactly does this mean? While the poly count has been raised to allow for superior realism and resolution, the extra time it’ll take to load and render is still very much within acceptable
standards. While the difference in load/render time is increased a bit, the difference in realism/resolution more than compensates for the extra bit of time it takes to load/render.

9. The new ring, while retaining the original texture styles, have new textures added to it as well, giving it even more versatility in the number of available looks. And for even greater texture versatility, all the templates are included. Ideal for those of you who wish to create your own custom textures.


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