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First, I just wanted to create an extension of Privilege Palace. Then, along
with that development, I realized that Palace of Dream was fairly more
than an extension due to its size and to the variety of its components.

So, I create other extensions for your Palace of The Dream, taking place
behind the four doors.
I hope your?ll enjoy using Palace of The Dream as musch as I enjoy creating

Nice time for you !

Palace of Dream is a luxuous room with varied elements.

The most important part of it (walls, ceiling, ground, stairs) can be
instantly loaded into your scene of action with a click on ” The Palace “.
You can find it in the file : Props/!PalaceOfThe Dream.
Each element can be used separately, so, you can use any of them in other

In your file Props, can be found other embellishments for your Palace.
These ornaments are : 2 statues, 2 marble columns (you can put any objects
you like on them), 2 other statues with water-basins and flames. When you
click on ” The Ornaments “, all these different ornaments take place in your
” palace ” and, of course, you can move them any time you want to.



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