Painted Valley

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Located in the ‘Daz Environment’ Folder of your Figures Library are 6 environment set ups for the Daz Millennium Environment, 3 ‘lite’ and 3 ‘full’ versions.
The ‘full’ version has all scenery textures loaded with matching transmaps so that the sky wall and cloud wall can be seen. The sky texture, cloud textures and matching transmaps are also loaded.
The ‘lite’ version has the scenery textures loaded with no trans maps, the sky and clouds are part of the scenery wall in this version. Sky and cloud wall textures and trans maps are not used. This allows for faster rendering.
All versions have trees and plants loaded but have fun and add in more were ever you like! You will find these textured Props in the ‘Daz Environment’ folder of your Props Library, they included 26 plant variations as well as trees and water.
There are three new Environment set ups in the ‘Environment’ folder of your Figures Library for both Woodland Playsets and the Daz Cyclorama. Also included for the Cyclorama environment is one camera setting to optimize the view of the Painted Valley Cyclorama.

Multiplane Cyclorama:
Woodland Realm Playset One:
Woodland Realm Playset Two:
Millennium Environment:


On A Certain Night
Millennium Environment


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