Pacificator Armored Vehicle

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When you need armored transport that focuses on safety, the 3D Pacificator Armored Vehicle is the answer. It features a spacious hold with seating for up to 10 personnel. While encased in the barricade-busting hull, the troops have access to four fire ports on each side, as well as a rear port in the quick deploy/load rear ramp. A 20mm belt-fed cannon is controlled from the gunner’s station inside the vehicle. This defense turret has full perimeter sweep and can angle up for suppression of fire from above. Further support is supplied by four launch tubes on either side, for smoke and crowd control grenades. The pilot’s cabin is fully outfitted and can be accessed from the interior or the front hatch. All wheels rotate and both front wheels turn, for realistic animation. Included are Michael 4 poses for the driver and gunner. The Pacificator – providing protection with attitude!


Starship Harpoon

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