OXYGEN: For Poser and DS

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Oxygen allows sub surface light to pass through translucent body parts without creating an unnatural incandescence. By striking such a balance, the effect is the enhancement of all those tiny little imperfections that make a figure appear more human Its not about ultra real, its about reality.

Unleashing the power of the EZSkin 2 Python Script by SnarlyGribbly, with added custom bump and specularity maps, we finally found what we wanted to apply to the underlying skin where it was needed most without sacrificing the detail.

Realistic and effective shaders optimized for all versions of Poser
Quality high resolution texture maps including a special alternative Genital map for more detail

Complex SSS shaders built using “EZSkin 2” by Gnarlygribbly

Uber Shaders for all components
HSS Shaders for All components
DS Basic Shaders for All components
Created by Vince Bagna


Praeclarusa 1 - Hennin and Torque
Fierce for Lion Queen


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    Dr. Rockso

    April 4, 2013

    can’t wait to give this a try…

  2. datie1234

    October 18, 2013

    not sure…better when if leaved a comment you knew if already had it or not…so thanks

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