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The ground shook and the rumbling grew deafening as the village, stared in dumbstruck shock at the hulking soldiers marching forward through the gap made by the goblinz vanguard. Some standing as much as two to three feet over the height of the tallest men, their slabs of rage filled muscle rippling as they marched beneath the storm, everyone knew, in spite of their disbelief, that these were Orkz, and hell would follow.

At the end of the wide path that divided the village down the center, they stopped. In the middle of their numbers, one sat high atop a beast that was something akin to oxen, but with a third, sharp horn protruding from its forehead, and a scaly tail that ended in a ball of deadly spikes. The beast was covered, all but it’s legs, in thick armor plates and rough looking chainmail held together by worn leather that once may been ornate but now was weathered from years of use and battle. High in the saddle sat their leader, a massive warlord, face hidden behind the chainmail sections of his spiked helm. On either arm were strapped enormous, curved metal scoops ending in sharp points and adorned with rivets and spikes. Unlike the rest of the mob, his clothing was richly colored, though leather padding and armor could be seen riveted or strapped onto it in ramshackle patches. He rode to the head of the group, looking about the village, obviously taking inventory of the spoils to come. A rope hung about his neck that ended in knots that held together three human skulls. At last, someone cried out and the chaos began.

Product Includes:
Conforming Clothing – Pants, Vest, Cape, Helmet, Boots, Bracers & Skull Necklace
“Blood Plow” conforming weapons
Default Material files for Poser 6 & up
DS3 default MAT poses

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Orkz http://3d-stuff.ru/orkz/



She Orkz: Mortus Skin & Hair


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