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Grimlock stepped from the cave to join Grella, though still getting accustomed to only a single eye and lack of depth perception, and watched as Gura rode her beast slowly through the ranks on the ridge above, assessing every soldier, ork and goblin alike, without a word. Gura was accompanied by four massive shock troops, wearing their characteristic iron armor and tooth jawed helmets astride heavily armored, angry looking triceratoxen, or troxen as they were more often called.

Harness; Boots; Shoulder Armor; Girding w/Flaps; Pants & Vest
Scabbard & Sword
Set of 10 Poses
Default Material files for Poser 6 + & DS3 default MAT poses

Required: Link to post:
Orkz http://3d-stuff.ru/orkz/



Triceratox: Orkish Mount
She Orkz: Mortus the Black - Clothing and Props


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