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“Enter”, the gravelly voice called, and Gura stepped into the shaman’s chambers. He was of the tribe of Vurgal, the black-purple skinned orkz who lived in the lands on the shores that lay just beyond the south most waters of the isle of Argoth. Stepping into his dimly lit chambers, Gura could smell the old carcasses, see on the rack across the way skin being flayed from some prisoner in some bizarre tribal rite. She found it difficult to believe as most of the orkz did, in the goddess Orkanna and the prophesies that her mother, Mortus, supposedly fulfilled, but it was undeniable that the shaman, the Black Priest of Argoth, knew many strange skills that had aided her time and again, just as undeniable as the fact that she and her sister, Grella were the living, twin sister embodiment of one of the most sacred prophesies of their people. “So you’ve come for mo’ o’ dat vennel root, eh Gura?”, asked the Shaman. “Just give me what I’m after and I’ll be on my way.”


Conforming Clothing – Apron, Arm Rope, Arm Wrap, Plated Cloak & Sandals


Orkz Shaman Skin Textures

Set of 6 Poses

Default Material files for Poser 6 & up

DS3 default MAT poses

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Orkz http://3d-stuff.ru/orkz/



Summer Edition Liu
5TEASE PinUp Vol 5: Garden Girl - Poses and Props for V4 & G2F


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