Orkz: Grimlokk

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Her left hand came gently to rest on his cheek opposite from where she now whispered into his ear, “so, you saw nothing then?”
“I… I’m sorry, milady”, said Grimlock. “I saw no’ing like a key.”
“Then perhaps you won’t need this,” she said, sinking the clawed thumb of her left hand deep through the skin of his right eyelid, “since it seems to function so poorly!” Her voice built into a roar as her thumb tore the eye from it’s socket.
Grimlock reeled away from her, bellowing in agony, both hands clutching the gaping hole where his right eye had been. Through the pain, though, he could still smell her, the sensation of having her close still permeating his senses. Ork women numbered far less than the men, but were drastically more dangerous due in equal parts to their cunning and ruthlessness being that which ensured the survival of their race, and to the scent, the musk they gave off that would send the males of many species into a state of wanton lust, and made male orkz desire nothing but to serve them. Grimlock was no exception and though he was glad they were alone in the cave so that none of his troops would have seen this display, he felt no shame in knowing that for the chance pair with her, to seed her for orklings, he would gladly have torn out the other eye himself.

Conforming Clothing – Pants, Boots, Vest, Gloves, Armor
3 Smart Props – Gun in Hand, Gun Holstered & Eye Patch
Hair w/ morphs
Grimlokk and Wounded Grimlokk Skin Textures
Two Facial Morphs – Grimlokk character and Grimlokk-Eye (missing eye)
Set of 6 Poses
Default Material files for Poser 6 & up
DS3 default MAT poses

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