Orestes Barrels n’ Crates

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No more clean dungeons! Barrels and crates are closed, open, or broken for any use you’d need.Prop presets are saved with each texture set, giving you a total of 101 prop presets. Material Presets are also included for the 4 texture sets.

101 Props: (.PP2, .DUF and .OBJ)
10 Barrels x4 Texture Variations
10 Open Barrels
1 Barrel Lid
3 Half Barrels x4 Texture Variations
1 Bucket x4 Texture Variations
5 Crates x4 Texture Variations
5 Broken Crates
5 Crate Pieces
4 Material Presets:
Wood Types A, B, C, D
Textures Include:
16 Texture and Bump Maps (2048 x 2048)
2 Texture and Bump Maps (256 x 4096)
2 Texture and Bump Maps (128 x 4096)
DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DUF)
Poser Material Presets (.MC6)


Old Rowboat
Orestes Cobwebs

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