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Starting life on the sketchpad of Disney Character Artist Kevin Keele, The Orc shortly found himself 3D and in the very capable and talented hands of Shauna Howell, texture artist extraordinaire, who gave it the full treatment of diffuse, specular, bump and opacity maps. Without a system of bones to underpin all those muscles, The Orc would have a hard time getting around. Creator of the Bone Dragon and BEO2K10 co-conspirator, Sequestrian has created a rig as impressive as his co-creators’ contributions. The Orc abounds in simple, yet elegant features like Flexion/Extension (FlEx) Morphs for realistic muscle movement, eye-following eyelids (similar to the Millennium 4 figures), and versatile facial morphs which make dialing in the expression you want almost as easy as smiling!

The Orc comes with a full set of berserker-style armor with nose and earrings, two unique texture sets, two weapons and a conforming hairstyle with numerous material pose-controlled variations, two eyebrow options and a morph for topknot shagginess.

The Orc Morphs

Break the mold with these feature morphs for the Orc. Use 4 full-body morphs, 5 partial body morphs and over 50 head morphs to mold and shape your own Orc species or create a horde with individuals as unique as you are.

The Orc Textures

This set of high resolution textures is just what you need to differentiate your Orc tribes. With 8 new skin tones and 10 eye variations, the Orc Textures are essential to every runtime.


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