Opium Den & Old Chinese Laundry

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Opium Den and Closed Chinese Laundry
Although many have benefited from the expanded empire, the city has a dark side in the trade and indulgence of opium. This building once contained a properous Chinese laundry, until less scrupulous elements moved in and turned it into an opium den. This contains multiple floors, with a lobby/registration area, dream rooms, bunks for sleeping it off, and the multi-floor decaying laundry, still intact – and still capable of using the old but serviceable steam-powered laundry system.

basin, boiler, bunk beds (4), case, ceiling lamp, crate (3), curtains, engine, handle, laundry machine, mat, pipe, pipes (7), reception table, screen, sidewalk, sofa, streetlamp, table, wall lamp, building

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    Ban Jhankri

    August 15, 2012

    thank you very much! do you have any other buildings from meshbox’ steampunk city series? would be absolutely awesome

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