Once Upon A Time: Cinderella

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This texture pack also works with the Aiko Morphing Fantasy Dress, Morphing Fantasy Dress for Laura, The Girl Morphing Fantasy Dress and any associated accessory packs (if used). Then the fairy godmother waved her wand. Four mice became four proud horses, and a big, round pumpkin became a glittering coach. Again the fairy godmother waved her wand and turned Cinderella’s torn dress into a beautiful gown. “You must leave the ball by midnight,” she warned. “After that, the magic spell will be broken.” …Cinderella

Required: Link to post:
Morphing Fantasy Dress http://3d-stuff.ru/morphing-fantasy-dress-for-genesis-2-females/
MFD Accessory Packs http://3d-stuff.ru/morphing-fantasy-dress-exp-1-for-genesis-2-females/
Faery Wings Deluxe http://3d-stuff.ru/faery-wings-deluxe/

Required Products: V3 Morphing Face Mask


Fairytale Collection - Cinderella
Stellar League Standing Armor


  1. duchess1305

    February 14, 2014

    It appears that the Faery Wings Deluxe post is for Premium users only. Except for the material file for those wings all the other items necessary to use this texture set are available for all users of this site. 🙂

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