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The Old Village takes you to the shores of the Mediterranean, or the hills of Spain or Greece, or any of the lovely old countries of Europe. Perfect for your virtual holidays!

The Old Village is a detailed model of several buildings, linked by sidewalks and alleys, with gardens and walls, as complex as the real thing. Detail is modeled in, including rooftiles, decks and balconies, window shutters, steps, and other small and realistic additions. You can move your camera throughout the model, providing for literally hundreds of different angles and vistas for your scenes. Use your Vue vegetation to dress the gardens and balconies, and make it a perfect realization of an old world village!

Applicable Product versions:
Vue 2014 (All Versions)
Vue 11 (All Versions)
Vue 10 (All Versions)
Vue 9 (All Versions)
Vue 8 (All Versions)
Vue 7 (All Versions)



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