Old Pier

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The resounding tranquility one can hear from this old pier is deafening.

The ideal model for all of your waterside images. Drop in some low overhanging trees or vines, add some still water and plants and your holiday is complete.

Applicable Product versions:
Vue 2014 (All Versions)
Vue 11 (All Versions)
Vue 10 (All Versions)
Vue 9 (All Versions)
Vue 8 (All Versions)
Vue 7 (All Versions)
Vue 6: Infinite & xStream
Vue 6: Esprit & Studio

One of the unique features of this model is the ability to easily adjust the height and blending of the water line (where the water meets the wood).

A detailed pdf README file is included that easily demonstrates how to adjust the height and blending transition of the water level for the model.



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