Old Man With Lantern Statue

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The Old Man with lantern is an iconic archetype dating back to the far beginnings of history. Known as the Hermit, he can represent the wise old sage, the recluse hidden deep in the forest or cave and the bearer of great wisdom and knowledge.

Old Man with Lantern is a 3D statue for both Poser and DAZ Studio and can easily be placed into your scenes with a few quick clicks. The Lantern includes a separate smart propped glass lens and light burst that can be hidden, removed or made brighter.

The set has MAT files to change the textures from clean granite to a little mossy or to grungier mossy. The solid rock plinth is also included and can be used separately.

So in the end you decide, Old Man with Lantern can be an ominous figure warning of impending doom, or a beacon of hope leading the way through the darkness.




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