The Oktogon

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Arc or scary; yet an exciting cathedral ambiente to let your phantasy fly. Based on a real existing cathedral in Aachen, Germany.

This prop is for Poser 5 only, because it uses special P5 materials P4 cannot handle. A special Poser 4 version is also available at my store.

“The Oktogon” is the inner part of a roman cathedral (C 800), other parts will follow.

The properties mesh is very well done, giving you enough details to make closeups. The prop is delivered in 8 pieces. So you can take it as is (as the Oktogon), or you can easyly put the pieces together to make straight walls.

The textures are also made with great care, a very well done compromise between high details and saving resources.

As usual, all pictures are rendered with poser. No postwork on the prop, so you can see what you get if you render by yourself.

If you want to texture the prop by yourself: Only simple “quad-maped” and tiled textures are used, so you can attach nearly any picture to it (should have acceptable quality).

If you have any further question about the prop, feel free to ask! If you need more or special pictures from it: no problem!



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