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“Ode, to The Muse…
Poem by Robert Gardiner

Ode, to the Muse, the Fervor, you Inspire,
To the Magic, that Rouses, Our Soul’s a Fire.
Ode, to Beauty, its Loveliness, Serene,
To what the Beauty, of Woman, Stirs, in me.
Ode, to Fancy, the things that Sparks us, so,
To all those things, that set, Our Heart’s, Aglow.
Ode, to those Ideals, which we Hold, So Dear,
The things, in our lives, that we, so Revere.
Ode, to Wonder, Whimsy, Bewilderment,
All those things, that leave us, in, Enchantment.
Ode, to Imagination, to Insight,
Those things, of our minds, that serve, to incite.
All those things, that Marvel, Mesmerizingly,
I Celebrate you, in all your Glory.”

Package details :

* 61 (including bump & Transparency maps)
* 40 MAT files for:
* 8 full sets for The Muse outfit

Required: Link to post:
The Muse Clothing for V4, A4 & G4 http://3d-stuff.ru/the-muse-clothing-for-v4-a4-g4/


House of Cards
HOT Officer Anita,BountyHunter V4,G4


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