Odakota Boots For V4 A4 G4

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Boots for V4 (and A4 and G4) with 10 mats included (black, red pasley, stripes, fur, warrior…) that can be used in a wide range of scenarios: casual, mythic fantasy, western, ranger, fashion, gothic, pinup, sexy…

– Fit to any V4, A4, or G4 character because all applicable morphs have been included
– They automatically adjust to your characters, but you can still dial the morphs if you need it
– Also included a shin adjustment dial in case you need it
– Icons for easy reset adjustment morphs and style morphs
– 10 mat pose sets of all kinds of boots: black, red pasley, stripes, fur, warrior…
– 3 morphs to spread each fringe section independently: top, middle and bottom fringes
– 2 morphs to move the laces: front-back or side-side
– Use these morphs for more realistic walking renders/animations
– Icons to hide feet, or show them again
– Feet pose included for perfect looking poses with the boots
– Render Settings to get the most of your renders!

PC compatible, not tested in Mac.
Poser 6 and Up, and/or DAZ Studio 4
This cloth is for DAZ’s Victoria 4 figure, and works too for Aiko 4 and The Girl 4.

Complete list of morphs
FBMA4AikoBody, FBMAmazon, FBMBodyBuilder, FBMBulk, PBMCalvesFlex, FBMDefinition, FBMEmaciated, FBMFitness, FBMHeavy, FBMMaleNS, FBMPearFigure, FBMA4AikoPetite, FBMA4Realistic, PBMShinsThickness, FBMA4Stylized, FBMG4TheGirlBODY, FBMThin, FBMVoluptuous, FBMYoung
TopFringesSpread, MiddleFringesSpread, LacesSideSide, LacesFrontBack, BottomFringesSpread


Blubelle Dress V4-A4-G4
Toon Auto 44


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