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If you love Mermaids the way we love mermaids you are going to be blown away by this set! Imagine a mermaid set for Poser and Daz Studio that has all the beauty and grace and fluidity of motion as those dazzling creatures of the sea. The Oceana Tail swirls, and hooks, and curls, and waves, and moves with serpentine ease that allures, enchants, and delights. And check out those ArmFins, Necklace, Waistband, Top and accessories.

This set is just so fun to play with and so incredibly easy to use. Every piece in this amazing set was carefully modeled and then handcrafted in Zbrush to enhance and bring out realistic details in the mesh and finally hand-painted and painstakingly textured and rigged to make it a thrill to see and work with in Poser and Daz Studio. We know you are going to be amazed by this one. Oceana is a mermaid’s dream come true for all true Mermaid lovers!

This set includes:

Eight Piece Mermaid Collection, consisting of the following items:

Conforming Figures (cr2)
~ Oceana_Tail
~ Oceana_Top
~ Oceana_ArmFins
~ Oceana_Necklace
~ Oceana_Waistband

Smart Props (pp2)
~ Oceana_HeadpieceR (worn on right-side of head)
~ Oceana_HeadpieceL (worn on left-side of head)
~ Oceana_Headband

Product Includes:
6 complete texture MAT sets for the Oceana Figure & Props

~ 01_Oceana (4000×4000)
~ 02_Atlantic Jewel (4000×4000)
~ 03_Triton’s Daughter (4000×4000)
~ 04_Ancient Waters (4000×4000)
~ 05_Pale Corals (4000×4000)
~ 06_Kandy Kelp (4000×4000)

Also this great BONUS item (with hand pose & 2 texture MAT options)
~ Oceana_Trident (3000×3000)
~ Oceana_Trident_LH
~ Oceana_Trident_RH

! Plus a collection of Utility poses for simplifying tasks like hiding V4’s legs for use with the Oceana_Tail, zeroing the figure dials, hiding or showing the side (hip) fins on the tail, etc.

The Oceana set supports the ++ Morphs, Elite Morphs, and Aiko 4 Full Body morphs for V4 and will super-conform to fit to the Morphs used in V4. The exception is the breasts morphs and some of the partial body morphs, such as inhale, for the Necklace. These morphs were not added as we found it best to use the EASYPOSE dials to manually adjust the position of the necklaces as needed for when these morphs applied in V4. This allows you a more natural look for the necklace and is simple, fast, and easy to do – plus it ultimately helps to save on Poser resources by eliminating the addition of morphs that were not needed.

System Requirements:

PC and Mac compatible
Supported Software:

Poser 7 up, Daz Studio 3.1 up

Note: The SSS MATs require Poser 9 or higher

Needed Files:

Victoria 4 (V4)

++ Morphs for V4 (optional)
Elite Morphs for V4 (optional)
Aiko 4 Morphs for V4 (optional)

Additional Notes:
When playing with the Oceana set, remember to breath! The Oceana set can be so much fun that you might start to think you are a mermaid swimming under water and hold your breath too long and eventually pass out. We do not want that – so be sure to keep breathing – as you are NOT a Mermaid! However, it is a risk you take whether you use Poser or Daz Studio with this set – its just so much FUN! 🙂


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