Occultis Solaris

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The Occultis Solaris is a interior prop construction set for Poser and DAZ Studio. With the 9 objects included, endless combinations can be assembled to create rooms, and halls, and more. To get you started, ready to use builds are included. Also, for ease of use with tricky camera angles, each prop is set up with multiple material zones, in particular redundant wall material zones, so that walls, floors, and ceilings can be set transparent with the Poser or DAZ Studio material editors. To reset the materials, simply use the included mat files. To use the files in Poser, you must have a figure loaded into the scene. To use the materials in DAZ Studio, use the presets in the Poser Pose folder, there is no need to separate installers for DAZ Studio.



Fairyland Queen
Wicked Bolero

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