Nymph Shoes For V4/A4

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MAT files are supplied for all the textures, simply select the left or right shoe to apply the desired material. If you are changing the trim option, please change it after applying the main material, as the main material poses will change the trim.

The toes of these shoes do not bend, as a real shoe with soles this thick would not bend at the toe. A pose file is provided to put the feet into the proper position for wearing these shoes. This pose will lock her toes so they won’t bend, a second pose is supplied to unlock the toes for your convenience, should you decide you want to use another pair of shoes in your scene.

There are morphs in the strap of each shoe to change the strap size to work with V4’s full body morphs, and to move the strap away from her foot when the foot is bent. After setting your V4 body morph, pick the shoe and set the strap scale morph dials until the strap fits the foot, as needed for your body shape.


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