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NR-productions’s first fantasy outfit for 2013 is the Queen of Snakes (Regina Serpentium in Latin).
A V4 reptile charmer, ideal start off for the Year of the Snake!

With a unique gown and serpent jewelry embracing her limbs she will be a great addition to your Runtime whether you wish to illustrate legends, sagas or myths!

More important.. NR-productions values our customer’s feedback and wishes, so Super-Conforming technology is available from now on to our models, starting with Regina Serpentium.

Thank you all for your support and we wish you a Great Year of the Snake! 🙂

Package details :


* 15 obj(s)
for 8 figures & 8 props


* Dress
* Belt
* ArmBand L
* ArmBand R
* Forearm R
* Wrist L
* Shin R
* Shin L

All figures are SuperConforming and come with the following Full Body Morphs (located at Body:FBMs Group):
UtopianBody, Voluptuous,Young.

Additional Adjustment morphs are provided for all figures and they are always located at Body part.
The Dress comes with additional movement morphs besides the adjustment ones, plus double handles.

The Dress is provided with double front and back Handles which control the two Hip bones:Front,FrontB and Back,BackB.
* Front Handle moves the entire front skirt
* FrontB moves the skirt below knee
* Back Handle moves the entire back skirt
* BackB moves the back skirt below knee

DRESS movement morphs (located at Body:Movement Group)
* Wind Front
* Gather In
* Flow Sides
* Wind Back

DRESS adjustment morphs (located at Body:Adjustments Group)
* Adjust Thigh L, Adjust Thigh R
* Adjust Thighs Front, Adjust Thighs Back
* Adjust Knees Front, Adjust Knees Back
* Adjust Shins Front, Adjust Shins Back
* Adjust Thighs, Adjust Shins
* Adjust Hips, Adjust Buttocks
* Adust TorsoUp, Adjust Neck


* Headpiece
* Ring Left
* Ring Right
* Earring Style1 L
* Earring Style1 R
* Earring Style2 L
* Earring Style2 R
* Anklet-Xtra R

Where applicable, A4,G4 or Bulk morph are available on props.
The GemEyes material of all figures and props is highly
customizable to any sort of variation:
Just alter the Translucence or Edge Blend node colors to anything
you like, or fits better than the provided colors to your scene.


* 3 Sets of textures are provided for the entire outfit.
(38 High-detailed textures including bump-maps & reflections)
* 36 MAT files plus Hide/Show Handle utiliy poses are included
both in pz2 (pose) as well as mc6 (material collection) formats,
to choose the directory that fits bets your own Runtime and preferences of organization.


InaneGlory's Photo Studio 2
The Metropolitan Collection - London V4.2


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    Thank you very much! This is amazing! 🙂

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