Nimbus the Gargoyle

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Let me introduce you to “Nimbus.” He was named after a type of grey cloud associated with slightly colder weather. Nimbus is more of a Gargoyle than an evil demon. He’s not from a place called Hell. His skin is created from a rhinocerous, a crocodile, a chicken, a horse, some cooked ham, and a tortoise. He comes complete with 3 separate transparency maps for his wings. One to make the edges torn and the rest at different transparency levels.

One map makes his wings 25% transparent and another at 50%. But the default skin MAT included with this product allows his wings to stay at 100% so you can see them until you are ready to render, then you can click on the transparency levels if you so wish. Since Nimbus is a new Model, roughly less than a week old. He was an absolute pleasure to texture. Doing unusual textures is always fun and allows much more creativity.

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