New York City Artist Loft w/Furniture

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An Artist Loft is where you got to do your art work and show your creations, complete with furniture. Included in this pack: One NY city Art Loft, with 2 poseable doors, one main door and one closet door, 2 Ceiling Fans, 2 Tlights (6 lamps) attached to 2 opposite walls. Beautiful old NY city tin ceiling (can be made invisable for easier camera manipulation. 2 Poseable Lounge Chairs located on the top loft. 2 Poseable Chairs in the main room 1 Poseable Sofa in the main room 1 Poseable Large Coffee Table 2 Poseable Endtables with 2 Poseable Small Lamps 1 Poseable Large Lamp Stand 1 Poseable Large Easel Stand with 2 different poseable size canvas’s 1 Poseable Easel with 1 Poseable Canvas (2 texture maps for your own creation) 1 Poseable Pallet 1 Poseable Paint Brush Furniture is made to click and furniture is laid out in the room and all walls are created so you can make them invisable for easier camera manipulation. All furniture can be made invisable also. High detail and textures, but light weight enough for more models to be added, won’t bog you down.



Chavali Dragon
DSON Importer for Poser


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