Neptune Wellness Center

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Neptune Wellness Center is a very detailed and versatile building conceived to be a Wellness Center structure but suitable for any kind of use. The exterior is composed of a courtyard with columns, vases, gardens and small walls, an under ground floor, a ground floor, a very tall first floor with an external veranda and everything is connected by an interior central stair that reaches the rooftop where the rotatable solar panels are located.

The underground and ground floors are also connected by 4 exterior stairs. The interior part features a pool in the underground floor, a fountain in the ground floor, a central veranda in the first floor reachable with the carefully modeled central stair and a rooftop structure reachable as well with the central stair. There are over 100 opening doors, rotatable solar panels on the roof, rotatable element on the central stair top, curtains that can be chosen floor by floor available in opened or closed versions, stone benches, complete interior and exterior light fixtures.

Everything as always in my product can be hidden, removed, added to handle the scene in the best way. The set has been carefully UV mapped so that it can accept in any part tile-able textures making it very versatile.


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    January 1, 2013

    Very showy. Thank you very much.

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