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NearMe Base

(nearme 1.1 morphs, expression pack, switch eyes, GIOZ tones, elf ears)

(2 cute poses, artistic, faerie, IGD anime, magic, magical girl, sweet)

Several textures for Nearme:
(Angel shades, aster, Bathing suit, Bodysuit, Booties, Booties Leather styles, Bunny Fun, bunnyMe?Dark Angel, Elven corset, Exotica Dress, Fall Colors, Gentillement, Gothic Lolita, Halloween Dress,?JollyMe, Little Bit Dark, Little Lolly, Little Witch, Mermaid Line Dress, Modernika Outfit,?Moe-tan, Mrs Claus, Naoki, Outfit Mega Bundle, Ballerina Shoes, Ballerina Styles,?Clothing Pack 1, Nearme Fantasy, Nearme Hot Pants, Sailor Suit, Nearme Super, Turtleneck Top,?Xmas Judee3d, Nearme runtime, Yukata, Paradia Outfit, Pixie Primrose, Rabitt Parka,?Romantic Dress, School Girl, SpaceMe, Baby T, Jester, NearMaid, Little Dream, Stylish Little Witch,?Summer Set, Sweet Summergown, Swim Set, Tanktop & Shortpants, Torn Shirt, Wind Dress, WitchyPoo,?Xmas 07, Xmas)

Clothing Conversions:
(Bridal, Cherry Blossom, Cute Elves, Hermione, IA Outfit, Magus, Pussy, Spartana, Stilty, Tenten,?Troopers, Valkyre, White Rose, Xenon, Ruffle Dress)

(Hairset for NearMe, Wenke Hairfits)

Genesis Creature Creator Bundle
Base Camp Vol.1-3 Bundle

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