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Naoko Choker Necklace (PP2 and OBJ)
Morphs and Fits:
Wide Sideways
Wide Front Back
Fit A3 & Real
Fit V3
Fit Girl
Naoko Long Necklace (PP2 and OBJ)
Morphs and Fits:
Fit Girl
Fit A3
Fit V3
Long & Short
Wide Neck
Wide Back
Swing Short Out
Swing Long Out
Twist Left
Twist Right
Naoko Crown (PP2 and OBJ)
ADJ Wide_r
ADJ Wide_l
ADJ Wide
Fit V3
Fit A3 & Real
Fit A4
Fit Girl
Naoko Earrings (PP2 and OBJ)
Earrings A3 & Real
Earrings V3
Earrings Girl
Earrings A4
Earrings A3
Naoko Bubbles (PP2 and OBJ)
7 Color Choices for All Props:
Lime Green and Moss with Bum
Bronze and Sunset with Bum
Yellow Sunrise with Bum
Multi Sea Bold with Bum
Multi Sea Natural with Bum
Gold Glintz with Bum
Silver Shine with Bum
Naoko Hair Options:
11 New Textures
21 Ambient Shine MATs
12 Color Stripe Layers (Mix with All Hair Colors)
Color Me MAT (White Texture that can be Made ANY colors In Mat Room)
6 Pre-Set Colors for Color Me
Textures Include:
5 Bubble Texture Maps (254×249)
1 Bubble Transparency Map (254×249)
5 Crown Texture Maps (2000×2000)
1 Crown Bump Map (2000×2000)
5 Earring Texture Maps (2000×2000)
1 Earring Bump Map (2000×2000)
5 NeckL Texture Maps (2000×2000)
1 NeckL Bump Map (2000×2000)
5 NeckS Texture Maps (2000×2000)
1 NeckS Bump Map (2000×2000)
12 Skullcap Texture Maps (2000×2000)
48 Hair Strand Texture Maps (2000×2000)
MAT Poses to Apply All Options (.PZ2)

Required Products: Naoko Fantasy Action Hair


Chaos Neurotic Light Gels for Poser
V4 BubbleGum SE

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