Mystic Mayhem

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A flirty fun witchy dress for Victoria complete with a fabulous morphing witch hat and broom.

What you get:

05 Geometry Files

01 Super-Conforming Clothing Figures (Dress) (*.cr2)
03 Smart-Props (Hat, Broom-Right/Left Hand) (*.pp2)
01 Prop (Broom) (*.pp2)

05 MatPoses for Dress (*.pz2)
05 MatPoses for Hat (*.pz2)
01 MatPoses for Broom (*.pz2)
01 Pose for Facinator Hat Size (*.pz2)

01 Pose for Broom Hand (*.hd2)

15 Dress Textures (4096px * 4096px)
05 Hat Textures (2024px * 2024px)
15 Dress Bumpmaps (4096px * 4096px)
05 Hat Bumpmaps (2024px * 2024px)
07 Transmaps (4096px * 4096px)


Deirdre V4
Fantasy Wishing Well


  1. datie1234

    October 10, 2013

    thought i had this…now not sure…so thank you

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