Muusa The Myth

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Muusa was the Empress of a magnificent Roman city. She had a natural beauty, so unparalleled, the Goddess?s of Olympus could not compare. Men would fall by the masses at her feet, giving themselves up to the power of her, wanting to be hers, and hers alone. To sit beside her and rule over her Kingdom.
She reveled in her beauty, using it to her advantage; lovers, riches, property, and moreover, Power. She used her power and beauty as her stronghold on her kingdom to ensure it was always hers? But, being only human, she naturally abused her Power, and instead of her beauty bringing joy, and pleasure to the people around her, all she bought them was sorrow, hatred, pain and slavery. For years she reigned supreme, abusing the Power her natural beauty had bestowed on her.

Meanwhile, Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty, saw the way Muusa was treating her people, and decided to punish her for her contemptuous ways. Venus decided to give Muusa the gift of the Gods; the gift of immortality. But the gift came with an awful curse. Muusa must spend her days cast in stone. Only by night is she free to roam in her natural human form.

Thousands of years have gone by, and to this day, if you visit Muusas? kingdom, you can still see her in her statuesque-like state. Some have reported that her pose changes from one night to the next, and at night some have said to have seen the ghostly figure of a woman clad in Roman robes, moving slowly amongst the Roman ruins.

Forsaken- Muusa The Myth


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