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UPDATED:? Now with DIM files to work with DAZ Install Manager program.

A single howl echos through the valley, striking terror into the hearts of men. The full moon beckons the beast, and Midnight_stories Lycan is ready to wreak havoc in the village once again.

From the mind on the other side comes a classic monster of Pure Evil. One of the most realistic werewolf’s on the market today. This uses the full power of DS4 Genesis using all the latest and greatest technology of DAZ3D. With 4K textures and displacement maps plus fully conforming fur for the head chest and stomach. There’s 14 poses to get you started and 2 walk cycles AniMate Blocks. 3 great material presets which include Werewolf Snow and Moon with matching fur presets, plus 6 eye presets. Not only is there a genesis morph but there are 5 other morphs Lycan-Warrior a FBM to beef him up 3 head morphs Lycan-Snarl Lycan-Close-Eyes Lycan-Close-Mouth and to help with the thick neck there’s a Smooth-Neck morph. Combine them with other Genesis morphs like the Freak and muscular morphs to get an endless array of characters. Create your own under world and unleash terror.







StoneWare, Organic 1.0: CaveHome
Octavia Style


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