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Hedera, named after a poisonous plant, she can be hauntingly beautiful or totally repulsive – the choice is yours. All options come in a choice of 3 skin shaders, one with normal Poser MATS, one with SSS MATS for Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012 and one with simple Daz MATS.

What’s Included:

Hedra Head1 INJ-REM
Hedra Head2 INJ-REM
Hedera Body INJ-REM
01 Default Body Normal MAT Pose
01 Default Body SSS MAT Pose
12 Expressions
01 Zero Expression
02 Jaw Shrink and Default Inj
02 Iris Small and Default INJ
03 Eye Reflection MAT Poses including without reflection
02 Tear On and Off
02 Nail Morph INJ (Long and Default)
12 Nail Colours
09 Eye Colour MAT Poses for Normal MATs
09 Eye Colour MAT Poses for SSS MATs
12 Lip Colour MAT Poses for Normal MATs
12 Lip Colour MAT Poses for SSS MATs
11 Make-up Mats for Normal MATs including default
11 Make-up Mats for SSS MATs including default
03 Teeth MATS for Normal MATs
03 Teeth MATS for SSS MATs
03 Teeth Morphs

(Above list includes defaults)

119 MAT/Morph Poses in Total including defaults
plus additonal 50 files to apply MAT poses in Daz Studio

01 Default Head Map
01 Default Torso Map
01 Default Limbs Map
09 Eye Colour maps
09 Additional Face Maps for make-ups
12 Additional maps for Lips including lip mask
07 Eye Texture maps including cornea trans, lacrimal and reflection maps
01 Lash Trans Map
03 Teeth Gum Maps
06 Bump, and Specular Maps for Face, Torso & Limbs
08 Nail Maps

58 Texture Maps in Total

Matposes and Material Settings are optimized for Poser 7 and higher. Hair Clothing and Lights are not included. No postwork on promotional images except for composition.

Software Required:
Poser 7 or above or Daz Studio 2.3 or above. (Please note SSS shaders require Poser 9 or PoserPro 2012)


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    October 3, 2013

    gorgeous ! thank you very much char 🙂

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    October 4, 2013

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a great share like all the stuff you usually post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    October 5, 2013

    Wow, thank you. You know she looks really familiar. She kinda looks like Tim Burton’s wife.

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